Welcome to HeartFit For Duty’s “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

What type of testing do you do?

We look at a variety of high risk markers that we know area associated with Public Safety and lead to the high morbidity/mortality numbers we see associated with this specialized workforce. We spend quality time with our patients and review blood results as well as diet, exercise and sleep habits. It is our goal to help our patients establish patterns that will not only affect change in their health, but can also influence the risk of their loved ones.

 Can spouses come?

We encourage you to bring your spouse. They are welcome to have a full visit and receive all of the information for themselves if they are interested. We find that getting those in the household educated/engaged in wellness goals helps increase the success.

What happens during my appointment?

Plan on spending some time with us as each patient gets the time they need. Your 1st appointment will be a minimum of 1.5 hours in length. You will get blood drawn, provider visit (including physical exam), review of diet/exercise/sleep patterns and education. We encourage you to ask questions-help make this visit all about you!!

How do I get scheduled?

Complete the GET TESTED form located on the 1st page. This will allow for the staff to contact you to make your appointment. Please know that we will either call you or email you, so please check you SPAM and Voicemail. If you haven’t heard from us within 2 working days, please call the office as this is not normal.

Do you do NFPA 1582/OSHA annual medical evaluations?

Yes, we have a very robust Annual Medical Evaluation process. We have even made it mobile. We can bring the Annual Medical Evaluations to your stations. If you would like more information, please email Kepra@heartfitforduty.org

Billing/Insurance Questions-
What is the difference between Co-insurance and Co-pay?
A co-insurance is a percentage determined by your insurance plan that you, the patient, will be responsible for once the insurance has processed your claim. For example:
“Let’s say your coverage is 90/10 which means you are responsible for 10% of the allowed charges. Therefore, if we ask you, the patient, to pay $10.00 at each visit the $10.00 will be applied to your ending balance, which is undetermined until your insurance processes your claims.”
A co-pay is a set dollar amount determined by your insurance plan that is due at each visit. For example:
“If your insurance plan requires you, the patient, to pay a $15.00 co-pay at each visit this will be due at each visit.”

Will the money I pay up front at every visit cover all my expenses?
The money you pay at each visit is a portion going towards your ending balance, and it will not cover all of your expenses. The money you pay at each visit goes towards your ending balance and decreases the total amount you will have to pay in the end. This is a way to decrease the chance of having a financial burden on you and your family after you have completed treatment.

I thought my insurance covered everything 100%
There may be services which are non-covered under your plan which can’t be determined until your claims have been processed by your insurance company.
You can contact the office to discuss any bills that are received.


Thank you, we look forward to seeing you!!