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Workout of The Day: February 28th

Pilates Abs Workout: Warm up with 10 minutes light cardio (treadmill, elliptical, bike) Perform the circuit 3 times through Sumo squat with side crunch, 20 reps alt sides Single leg toe touch, 10 reps each side Up-down plank, 12 reps Jump squat, 12 reps Bicycle crunches, 15 reps each side

Workout of The Day: February 27th

Stairmaster Workout: 0-2 minutes: level 5 2-5 minutes: level 10 5-6 minutes: level 16 6-7 minutes: level 2 7-10 minutes: level 10 10-11 minutes: level 16 11-12 minutes: level 2 12-15 minutes: level 10 15-16 minutes: level 16 16-17 minutes: level 2 17-18 minutes: level 10 18-19 minutes: level 16 20-22 minutes: level 2

Workout of The Day: February 26th

Plank Workout: Circuit: Full plank :60 seconds Elbow plank :30 seconds Raised leg planks :30 seconds each side Side plank :30 seconds each side Mountain climbers :60 seconds Reverse plank :30 seconds Repeat 3 times!

Workout of The Day: February 23rd

Jump Rope Workout: Jump rope (60 secs) 15 squats Jump rope (60 secs) :30 seconds plank Jump rope (60 secs) 15 push ups Jump rope (60 secs) 15 lunges, each leg Jump rope (60 secs) 15 crunches Rest 60 seconds Repeat 2 times!

Workout of The Day: February 22nd

Cardio Tabata Workout: Do each exercise for 60 seconds followed by rest 60 seconds. Repeat circuit 3 times! Squat jumps Squat side kick High knees Lunge to kick Sumo squat jumps Speed skaters Jumping jacks Burpees

Workout of The Day: February 21st

Bosu Ball Workout: Using the bosu ball, complete 3 sets of 15 reps for each exercise. Push-ups Burpees Mountain climbers Plank jacks Squats Squat and hopover Alternating leg bridges

Workout of The Day: February 20th

Dumbbell Arms and Shoulders: Do each exercise for 3 sets of 15 reps. Tricep kickbacks Bicep curls Push press Overhead tricep extensions Hammer curls Lateral raise Front raise Bent over lateral raise Shoulder press Push-ups

Workout of The Day: February 19th

Rowing Workout: Complete 2 rounds. 500m row 50 squats 400m row 40 sit-ups 300m row 30 push-ups 200m row 20 walking lunges 100m row 10 burpees

Workout of The Day: February 14th

Valentines Day Partner Workout: Partner wall sit (back to back), :60 seconds Sit up high fives (toe to toe), 20 Stacked push ups (one person has their feet on the other’s back), 15 Hop over plank (one person in plank, the other hopping over side to side) :60 seconds Russian twist and pass (back toContinue Reading

Workout of The Day: February 13th

Total Body HIIT: 10 push ups 20 jump squats 30 russian twists Rest :45 seconds 10 mountain climbers 20 speed skaters :30 second plank Rest :45 seconds 10 jump lunges 20 tricep dips 30 jumping jacks Rest :45 seconds Repeat 3 times!!